• About ACME Energy Integrated Services

    ACME Energy Integrated Services Limited is the brain child of Greg Ezenwa. Having operated successfully in the Oil & Gas industry, a window of opportunity came in the drilling sector due to lack of inadequate personnel and equipment being utilized in the past in the Nigerian drilling industry. As a result of this, Greg took the initiative and ACME Energy Integrated Service Limited was established to create the much needed impact in the Oil & Gas industry, by providing genuine equipment and services.

    ACME Energy Integrated Services Limited has put together a collection of indigenous and foreign specialists on Operation, Safety, Environment, Community Affairs, Quality and Administration.

    Over the years the Greg has gained a lot of experience in the area of rig drilling with expertise drawn from all over the world for effective and timely execution of projects and a number of joint ventures and alliances were entered by employing a policy of blending local knowledge and experience with the technical expertise and quality practices of an internationally reputable organization.

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