The vision of AEIS is to set up a Land drilling business in Nigeria that will provide a world class service to our clients and will also provide quality work opportunities for local people.  The aim is to provide training and experience for the local work force to a world class standard using the latest state of the art equipment and quality management systems.  AEIS want to promote and enhance the reputation of both Nigerian workers and also the reputation of Nigeria.

This objective is well within our reach and will be achieved in good time because the team time, that makes up AEIS is tested locally and internationally.

Professionalism and compliance to standards and regulations is our watch word. To this end training and re-training will be a continuous exercise as we realize that any mistake or action in ignorance has consequences on equipment, people, environment and profit.

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The team in AEIS is made up of persons who are dedicated to duty and have demonstrated a high level of initiation in solving problems as they evolve.

Drilling crews and support staff are the highest standard of any drilling work force world wide from operations manager through to the roustabout. All personnel have vast experience in their position and rig managers have up to 10 years experience working reputable drilling companies within Nigeria in the relative position.

Maintenance crews are made up of highly skilled SCR electricians and Mechanics that will be onsite 24 hours. Unprecedented focus on in house training within the maintenance crews is mandatory to enable in-experienced personnel to gain the required knowledge to further their careers, carry the flag for Nigeria and enhance the company’s reputation.